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Terms & Conditions

At NewSite, we have a clear policy regarding the usage of our exam, class, and tutoring notes

Policy For Fair Usage Of Our Services

At US Classes Hub, we have a clear policy regarding the usage of our exam, class, and tutoring notes. These materials are intended solely for reference, research, and study purposes, and should not be submitted as finalized projects to academic institutions. We strictly prohibit any form of plagiarism or cheating associated with our notes. Our services focus on providing students with exam and homework notes crafted from past papers and lectures to aid in their preparation. It's important to note that we do not provide direct exam assistance to students.

Terms and Conditions

At US Classes Hub, our primary objective is to provide students with the highest level of academic assistance, enabling them to thrive in their careers. We are committed to treating our customers with respect, honesty, and a strong code of conduct, ensuring their satisfaction through our exemplary services. The following terms and conditions outline our commitment to delivering satisfactory support to our valued clients.

  • The customers bear the sole responsibility of sharing their login credentials and granting access to our experts for their LMS portals. The client can share this information via the Duo Push app, text message, or email forwarding. However, if the client fails to provide access, the company cannot be held liable for any errors in the quality of work due to unavailability to book or lecture access.
  • It is strongly recommended that clients consult with our experts before committing to work submissions with tight deadlines. This consultation is necessary as our consultants require time to review the order details and subsequently allocate resources and complete the work.
  • The US Classes Hub and its employees do not engage in any physical or in-person appearances, whether through audio, photo, or video sharing. Additionally, the US Classes Hub does not take responsibility for directly submitting any work to academic institutes.
  • The US Classes Hub and its experts cannot be held liable if a customer misses or delays an exam without prior notification, while also not being responsible for a client's failure to complete or attend an exam due to factors such as lack of proper resources, inadequate equipment, insufficient internet speed (minimum 50 Mbps), or providing incorrect personal information regarding institute names, login credentials, course materials, or pending work submissions.
  • The US Classes Hub cannot be held responsible for exam failures resulting from technical issues, such as software or hardware malfunctions, electronic failures, email, phone, network, internet, or computer problems. Our responsibility lies solely in providing exam preparation services.
  • Customers are strongly advised to keep the support representatives informed about their login credentials, submission deadlines, and any other relevant information, even if they are traveling. It is advisable to stay updated on the progress of their orders by regularly communicating with the support chat representatives during their travels.
  • All pending or new work orders will only be processed after consultations and confirmation of urgent deadlines. Orders placed on Fridays will not be processed until the following working Monday.
  • Customers are responsible for arranging or providing the required textbook for course completion. They may submit and share it in softcopy or electronic copy versions if necessary. However, if the book is available online, the US Classes Hub reserves the right to purchase it on the client's behalf.
  • An additional charge will be applied if the US Classes Hub needs to purchase a book on behalf of the customer. However, if the book is only available in printable form, customers are requested to scan specific pages and share them as images when required. It is important to note that if the clients fail to make the necessary arrangements, the experts or the US Classes Hub company will not be held responsible for creating assignments that may not meet the expected standards due to the unavailability of the textbook.

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