Refund Policies

Our commitment to authenticity is demonstrated through our refund policy, designed to provide convenience to our valued clients.

Our commitment to authenticity is demonstrated through our refund policy, designed to provide convenience to our valued clients. We have implemented refund reforms to ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedicated legal department handles all refund cases, including the calculation of refund amounts and any applicable deductions. The specific refund amount is determined based on individual cases and the extent of service utilization.

At US Classes Hub, we kindly ask our clients to carefully review and understand our refund policies to avoid any potential misunderstandings or confusion regarding our services. We strongly urge our clients to familiarize themselves with our refund reforms prior to placing an order, and we encourage them to reach out to us for clarification if needed. Please note that the company cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from a customer's lack of understanding or misinterpretation of our refund services or policies.

Refund Policies are mentioned Below

  • If the company fails to provide the requested service or if the customer does not receive the committed order/service, a full refund will be issued to the customer.
  • It is important for the customer to note that refund claims will only be considered if they are made within one month of placing the order or receiving the service.
  • US Classes Hub retains the authority to deduct a reasonable amount from the customer's refund, considering the services that have been provided.
  • Customers are required to submit genuine, legitimate, and verifiable evidence when requesting a refund.

Refund Claims Can Only Be Professed In Below Mentioned Conditions

  • A refund can be requested by customers only if they receive work that contains more than 30% plagiarized content.
  • The client has the right to claim a refund if the work delivered by the company's experts does not align with the assigned topics or problems.
  • Clients are required to undergo two rounds of revisions before submitting a refund request. However, if the client remains dissatisfied even after the revisions, we are committed to refunding their payment.
  • The company strongly advises clients to allow a minimum of one month for the refund process, as our departments require at least one week to a month for thorough scrutiny and evaluation.
  • Customers should be aware that any requests for corrections, ranging from minor to major, will be treated as revisions and may result in charges or deductions from the refunded amount.
  • If a customer attempts to contact external parties such as law agencies, banks, payment merchants, or other companies before engaging in discussions with us regarding refund policies, it will be considered a breach of contract by US Classes Hub.
  • US Classes Hub maintains the right to enforce strict regulatory measures against clients, visitors, third parties, or competitors who attempt to harm or tarnish our reputation, or manipulate our policies through false claims. We prioritize the protection of our company's integrity and will take necessary actions to safeguard it.

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